Katy Perry Is Working On New Music And Drawing On Her Teeth (?!) In The Studio

There's a reason why they're called *permanent* markers, KP

The good news: Katy Perry is hard at work on some new sounds!

The bad news: Katy Perry forgot that permanent markers leave, well, permanent marks.

Perry shared a quick glimpse of what she's working on in two Instagram stories on December 17. Apparently, she had some downtime on her hands while she was recording, and that led to her doodling on one of her own teeth.

That's not all, though: The clip offers up a four-second snippet of a groovy, synthed-out beat with Perry singing lead. With the exception of her motivational anthem, "Rise," Perry has stayed largely quiet for 2016: She's been super active throughout the year, especially on the political front, as she supported Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign, but the follow-up album to 2013's Prism has largely remained a mystery.

KatyCats have been clamoring for new tunes for years at this point, and Perry's unfortunate run-in with a Sharpie is a good indication that they'll be getting their wish in the coming months — and same goes for this clip of her freaking out over some instrumentals getting tracked, too.

Thankfully, it looks like her career is far from over and we'll have some a new album to prove it soon enough.