Edward Berthelot/GC Images

Rihanna Embraces Her Blonde Ambition With A New Look

New hair? Good. 'Juju on Dat Beat' challenge attempt? Not so good.

Rihanna's no stranger to going platinum, but this time it's got nothing to do with album sales.

Earlier this month, Rihanna was spotted rocking long, dark dreads on the streets of New York as she shot scenes for the upcoming all-female Ocean's 11 reboot, Ocean's 8. Now, thanks to her best bud, Leandra Goodrich, and her best attempts at nailing the "Juju on Dat Beat" challenge, we've got a glimpse of her shorter, lighter ’do, as she's apparently gone back to blonde.

While Rihanna and Leandra appeared to have a blast while hilariously stumbling through the steps of the "Juju" dance, the blonde tresses were the real scene stealers here, as this is a stark contrast to the long, raven locks she was sporting the day before.

Here's to Ri's new look, and her "Juju" moves, too.