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2 Chainz Has Officially Sold The 'Most Expensivest' Christmas Sweater For $90K

You'd be smiling like that if you just donated nearly a hundred grand to charity, too

Paying actual money for an ugly Christmas sweater is enough of a frivolous purchase, but forking over a five-figure sum for a sweater studded with diamonds and gold for a single article of holiday garb?!

That's beyond the limits of common sense, but that's what 2 Chainz and his personal jeweler, Avianne, managed to do: They created "the most expensivest ugly Christmas sweater" — and then they actually sold the damn thing.

On December 16, 2 Chainz announced that he was making a very luxe addition to his Dabbin' Santa sweater line in the form of a $90,000 sweater that was literally covered in gold and diamonds. (The steep price tag comes from its 50 karats of diamonds and 250 grams of gold.)

As the whole point of hawking these ugly sweaters is to help out the needy during a particularly difficult holiday season, it's great to know that the substantial chunk of change will be going to the less fortunate — and that one person will be the proud owner of one very unfortunate-looking (albeit fly as hell) ugly sweater, as it's currently listed in 2 Chainz's shop as sold out.

Well done, 2 Chainz. You're like a real-life Santa but with better jewelry and a really excellent sense of good will–fueled humor.