Fergie’s New Music Video Will Make You Reconsider Hitchhiking

Hit the road with Fergie Ferg

Fergie's new "Life Goes On" music video drives straight into your fantasies about ditching school and road-tripping through the country. In the clip for the second single off Double Dutchess, her upcoming sophomore record that follows 2006's The Dutchess, the "Fergalicious" singer is taking her talents to the highway.

At the beginning of the video, she looks like a one-woman "Carpool Karaoke" show, so busy singing that she forgets about safety. At one point, she starts driving with her feet. Hasn't anyone advised her about keeping both hands on the wheel? Don't try recreating this at home, people.

Eventually, a few hitchhikers friends (social media stars Baddie Winkle and Baby Ariel) join her along the way, cruising down the street in her flashy convertible, then hitting the beach for a campfire once the sun goes down. All in all, a solid road trip — just don't forget to buckle up next time, Fergie.