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This Is The Tale Of How A Man Pretended To Be Rob Dyrdek (And Totally Got Busted)

Tonight's 'Greatest Party Story Ever' had a hint of 'Ridiculousness'

What's your favorite game to play at a bar?

Beer pong and flip cup aren't first choice for a guy named Drew, who explained his preferred activity on tonight's Greatest Party Story Ever: "My friends and I play this game: One of us will enter a bar, and the rest of us will come in and pretend that that person is a celebrity."

Sounds like a plan to us -- especially when, during a wild night out in New Orleans, Drew impersonated none other than Ridiculousness host Rob Dyrdek. At first, the scheme went swimmingly -- fellow bar patrons were buying Drew shots and taking selfies with him -- until "a skinhead with a tattoo on his forehead" became doubtful and googled Dyrdek.


"I may pass for Rob Dyrdek in a bar, but when you hold a picture of him by my face, no one's believing that," Drew recalled. "This made a lot of drunk people very upset."

Even worse: Drew realized his friends had abandoned him; with that, he decided to haul ass before his fans foes got violent. Running through the shady part of the French Quarter -- it was filled with "needles and pimps" -- Drew was eventually offered a ride by a dude in a 1973 jet-black Cadillac Deville.

"He was in leather pants and a black t-shirt, and he had dyed pink hair," Drew said of the gentleman, who soon revealed he was a dominatrix who'd received training in New York on how to "fist" people.


When the dominatrix finally dropped Drew off at his hotel, he bid him adieu -- and expressed interest in seeing the young man again.

"At least give me your name," he said. "Maybe I'll stop by to see you tomorrow."

Drew's reply? You guessed it: "I'm Rob Dyrdek."

+ Have you ever pretended to be a celebrity? Tell us your best tales of impersonation -- and if you're a dominatrix with pink hair, let us know about that too.

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