How Two Girls Lied, Stole And BS'd Their Way Into Meeting Katy Perry

It's all about priorities

When you think the final nail is in, think again.

Two girls came thisclose to missing their chance-of-a-lifetime to meet Katy Perry, but thanks to a little tenacity (plus some lying and stealing), they managed to rise to the occasion and come face to face with pop's reigning queen.

So how'd it happen? As Meaghan and Brittany explained on tonight's episode of Greatest Party Story Ever, they just happened to wander into a private, on-site meet-and-greet with the superstar after enjoying one of her concerts -- but soon realized they needed an all-access pass to get up close and personal with Ms. Perry.

The solution? When Meaghan saw two executives set down their lanyards, she "crawled under the table and swippity-swiped them."

Too bad that wasn't enough. Just as they inched closer to the room where Katy was holding court, the girls were told by a "big bouncer guy" that they also needed wristbands. The new solution? Some white really big lies, which hoodwinked the man into giving the twosome one wristband. Key word: one.

Showing a rare selflessness, Meaghan let her BFF use the pass, but Brittany soon returned the favor: The second she met Orlando Bloom's better half, she asked if Meaghan could join them. Katy consented, and the two pals were, um, jubilant.

"We just grabbed each other and started doing the Happy Dance around her," Meaghan recalled. "She kind of looked at security like, 'Is this safe?'"

Well sure it was. Katy soon relaxed, hung out with the girls for about 10 glorious minutes and then asked them to "lean in" for a photo -- creating a magical moment that Meaghan and Brittany will never forget. For several reasons.

"Our heads [were] right by her enormous boobs," Meaghan said before clarifying, just in case anyone was wondering, "They're real, and they're spectacular."

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