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Lucas Grabeel Shows Us What Happened To Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister 26 Years Later

‘Howdy-do. This is Kevin McCallister, the boyfriend.’

What happened when Kevin McAllister from Home Alone grew up? According to Lucas Grabeel, he stayed a total douchebag.

In the new comedy short, HOME (Kinda) ALONE, the High School Musical star plays an adult Kevin in a complicated relationship with his girlfriend (Kasey Borger). When the people from "Where Are They Now?" decide to see how Kevin's been coping since his two big ordeals in the '90s, they learn that living with him is a sticky nightmare.

The parody includes plenty of spot-on references to the original two Home Alone films as well as exact replicas of certain shots. Though Kevin is a grown-ass adult, he's still playing pranks — but now they're on his unsuspecting girlfriend instead of would-be burglars. Check out the hilarious video above.