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The Stranger Things Kids Almost Get Sent To The Upside Down By Santa Claus

The kids team up with Lilly Singh for a holly jolly Christmas parody

What happens when you mix two of the Stranger Things kids, Lilly Singh, and a jerky Santa Claus? A hilarious video that'd turn even the Upside Down's frown right side up.

Singh, a.k.a. IISuperwomanII, plays a mall Santa who is so over the holly-jolliness of it all. When Noah Schnapp (Will) meets Santa, instead of sitting on Tim Allen's lap, he's forced to deal with a St. Nick who never learns his name, tells him his wish won't come true, and threatens him with the Upside Down if he pulls any naughty business.

After ruining one kid's Christmas, Singh's Santa runs into Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), who reads her the riot act about her mistreatment of reindeer and her use of illegal minor workers. "You know Cupid literally shoots people. Where's his audit?" she asks. Fair point.

Check out the clever video above, then watch the blooper reel. Don't worry; both vids are Demogorgon-free, though Eleven does get a well-deserved shout-out.