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Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Photos Of Poor Baby Luna With Santa


We could try to be objective, but nah. Luna Stephens — or Little Legend — is the chillest famous baby.

If there was a Chill Baby contest, all she'd have to do is grab someone's phone, open her mom's Instagram, and be like, "Listen. If this was a Court of Chill, this is the only evidence the prosecution would need to enter for the jury's consideration. The verdict would be that I, Luna Stephens, am a Chill Baby of the first degree. Relish in the glory of my hot-dog costume and casually ignore this photo of me losing my shit in the presence of Santa because you would, too."

It's that time of year, so Chrissy Teigen did as plenty of parents do and took Luna to go meet Santa.

At first, Luna was all about the hang-time with Ol' Saint Nick and even made a play for his glasses. See? Chill babies aren't intimidated by beards and fuzzy red hats and wiry spectacles. Chill babies establish the upper hand by literally delivering it to the jolly red face of the costumed stranger in question.

Yeeeeah. That lasted for a few minutes.

Luna went from Chill Baby Supreme to Zero Chill Baby in one fell swoop, as she burst into tears once placed in Santa's lap without the comfort of familiar arms to hold her.

Honestly, she can keep the Chill Baby title, because the percentage of small children who sit on Santa's lap and don't start screaming must be extremely low. Rest assured, Luna: We still think you're chill as hell.