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Halsey’s New Hair Fits Perfectly With Her Song ‘Colors’

No, it’s not blue — but that’s a good guess

Halsey's latest hair change is extra-special for anyone obsessed with her song "Colors." On Thursday (December 15), she revealed bright violet locks on Instagram. The flash on this photo is practically blinding, but you get the idea.

Before this, she sported a dark brown buzzcut, but arguably her most famous ’do is the flowing blue mermaid hair she rocked early last year. She cut it off in Spring 2015, and her hair's been short ever since. "It feels like my head can breathe," she recently told Billboard about shaving her head.

This year, she's rotated through platinum blonde and brunette (her natural color), but she always gravitates back to blue. One time, she even dyed it blue and pink to match the color scheme of her Badlands record cover.

Blue is also a central theme in "Colors," her second single off Badlands. In it, she croons about being blue and falling in love with someone who may not match her hue.

The third verse sums up the heartbreak pretty well: "You were red and you liked me ’cause I was blue / But you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky / And you decided purple just wasn't for you."

So are Halsey's purple tresses a shout-out to these "Colors" lyrics? Fans certainly think so, but maybe she just wanted to switch it up from her traditional blue for her upcoming Purpose tour dates with Justin Bieber. Whatever the case, this "lilac sky" look suits the singer perfectly.