Chance The Rapper Tries (And Fails) To Decorate A Christmas Tree In SNL Promo

He and Casey Affleck are gonna need a bigger ladder

This weekend, Chance the Rapper will cap off a banner year by performing on Saturday Night Live for the third time in his career. It’ll probably be awesome, because Chance is a fire performer (it’s one of the reasons why we recently named him our Artist of the Year), but one thing he’s not so excellent at? Decorating Christmas trees. When it comes to that, he’s pretty much useless.

In a new promo for this weekend’s SNL, Chance and host Casey Affleck get ready to place the topper on the gigantic Rockefeller Christmas tree. It’s all smiles and festive joy until Chance whips out a two-rung ladder … which is a solid 90 or so feet too short.

“I don’t think we thought this through,” Affleck (wearing one of Chance’s signature “3” hats) tells the Coloring Book rapper, who optimistically tells him, “you just have to believe ... [in], uh, Christmas.”

Find out if Chance gets his Christmas miracle in the promo vid below, and watch him and Affleck on SNL this Saturday (December 17) at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.