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Lady Gaga Completes Her Joanne Transformation In The ‘Million Reasons’ Video

A sobering comedown from the desert rave of ‘Perfect Illusion’

Picking up right where “Perfect Illusion” left off, the saga of Joanne continues with Lady Gaga's new video for “Million Reasons,” which she's called “a story and look into my life.”

Initially set in the same desert where “Perfect Illusion” ends, “Million Reasons” sees Gaga waking up from a dream on the ground and getting picked up by her friends and family, who have gone looking for her. They drive her back to her studio, where she prays and cries while getting ready to shoot her own music video.

Within the frame of the “actual” video, Gaga wears a full-on Joanne outfit and rocks a hollowbody electric guitar. It's a sobering comedown from the chaos of “Perfect Illusion,” and we're sure it's not the last visual we'll see from Joanne.