Fresh Meat 2 Throwback: Darrell Taylor And Cara Maria Sorbello Just Reunited

Brings us right back to the 2009 'Challenge' season!

Darrell Taylor had the first choice during the Fresh Meat 2 draw, and the four-time Challenge champ selected Cara Maria Sorbello as his teammate. And their bond is still strong, even though their time was cut short during the 2009 game.

The Road Rules vet and the Battle of the Bloodlines victor just reunited, as seen in the pic above. Bringing us back to the Whistler-based installment!

While we don't know the details surrounding the hangout sesh -- Cara Maria posted the screengrab above to Snapchat and a fan tweeted the image -- one thing is for sure: It certainly beats getting ousted first from the cutthroat competition.

Share you favorite Darrell and Cara Maria memories in the comments -- and because we're feeling nostalgic, check out the duo's initial moments together in the Fresh Meat 2 clip below.