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Niall Horan Probably Wasn’t Thinking About Ellie Goulding During His Wistful ‘This Town’ Performance

Or during his melancholy waterfront stroll

Irish troubadour Niall Horan paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night (December 13) for an especially wistful take on his single "This Town."

Performing with a full band, Niall sang the lovesick tune mostly with his eyes closed, as though he were imagining some long-lost love there in the audience to see him play.

In completely unrelated news, Niall recently hung out with his rumored ex, Ellie Goulding, in Boston.

He then immediately walked out to the waterfront to gaze into the harbor and ponder life's mysteries.

Both of these photos use a black-and-white filter rarely seen on Niall's IG feed, but his choice of color probably had nothing to do with his melancholy internal state or his belief that things could have been different if he had just tried a little harder to make it all work.