'Happy Sad Confused’ Podcast: Emile Hirsch On Autopsies And Finding Clarity

The actor gets candid

Emile Hirsch is back and eager to say he’s in a good place. The 31-year-old actor, acclaimed for performances in films like Into the Wild, Milk, and Lone Survivor, has returned to the big screen for The Autopsy of Jane Doe, a thriller that earned raves when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest earlier this year.

In this, his first extensive interview in nearly two years, Hirsch opens up about his formative acting experiences, from The Girl Next Door and Alpha Dog to Speed Racer.

He also opens up about the incident that changed the course of his life in 2015 when, drunk past the point of recall, he was arrested for aggravated assault at a nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival. Listen to the candid conversation below: