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Jennifer Lawrence Finally Gets Her Sweet Revenge On Chris Pratt

Didn’t they tell you that J-Law was a savage?

At this point, the press tour for Passengers might in fact be the best part of Passengers. Chris Pratt has spent the better part of it strategically cropping his co-star Jennifer Lawrence out of selfies. The results are often hilarious — but do you know who doesn't find them very funny? Lawrence.

In fact, J-Law is mad as hell and she's not going to take this anymore, Pratt.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Lawrence took her frustrations out on a very large Passengers advertisement on a Starline Tours bus. Armed only with a can of spray paint, the Oscar-winning actress went to town defacing her co-star's likeness. Clearly, she had a lot of pent-up anger to let out. Maybe she was just upset Pratt called her out on being in the "stupidest Marvel movie." The truth hurts, Jen.

Surprisingly, zero dicks were drawn on Pratt's face, but the words "ass" and "rat" did make the final cut.