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Gucci Mane Is Most In His Element When Partying With Thousands Of Santa Clauses

East Atlanta Santa made it to SantaCon

No one loves the holidays like Gucci Mane, and there’s no better way for Gucci Mane to express his yuletide affections than by hanging out with literally thousands of Santa Clauses.

New York City’s SantaCon, a bar crawl involving hundreds of people dressed in Santa Claus outfits, took place this weekend, and Gucci was there to join the fray with his own custom-made Santa hat — embroidered, naturally, with “East Atlanta Santa.”

Gucci hung out with dozens of fellow Santas at a New York bar, snapping photos and generally having a good time.

Gucci’s next full-length project, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, is due out December 16, but he’s already celebrating its release.