La La Land Isn’t Fully Out Yet And It’s Already Breaking Records

Selling out a ton of showings in NYC and LA like it’s NBD

La La Land doesn't hit theaters nationwide until December 16, but it opened on December 9 in Los Angeles and New York — and it managed to swoon its way to some record-breaking box office numbers already.

On December 9, packed cinemas in L.A. and NYC brought in a whopping $855,000 for the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling–starring musical, which made it the best all-time average for a film opening in five theaters.

It's almost the best limited release opening of all time, but not quite: Technically, it made more than Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, which opened to the tune of $811,116 in 2014, but that played across four screens, not five. This also means that La La Land has secured the spot for best opening for a specialty film of 2016, an honor previously reserved for Moonlight for its $100,519 opening weekend earnings.

If this is how Damien Chazelle's musical is faring on a handful of screens, it bodes real, real well for the singing, heartbreaking, parking ticket–paying love story when it expands its reach.

Watch the trailer for La La Land below, and read up on our review of Stone and Gosling's performances here.