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Hairspray Live! Got Nostalgic With These Perfect Tracy Turnblad Cameos

Three Tracys are better than one

Hairspray Live! was a positive vibe fest from the first bars of "Good Morning, Baltimore" to the epic finale featuring Ariana Grande in a pair of the most covetable go-go boots we've ever seen.

There was one blink-and-you'll-miss-it beautiful moment that stood out in a three-hour broadcast of them, though, and it's one that had musical theater geeks and Hairspray fanatics freaking out over two utterly perfect cameos.

In "Welcome to the '60s" — the point in the show where Tracy Turnblad gives her mom, Edna, a much-needed reality check and confidence boost — members of the cast convene at a Baltimore boutique, Hefty's Hideaway, for the closing number of the first act. The song is one of the musical's most adored, and it offered up an opportunity to spotlight two actresses who played huge parts in making Hairspray the cult classic and Broadway smash it is today.

Around the 1:40 mark, you'll see the camera linger on a pair of employees of Hefty's Hideaway rocking "the Tracy," or the teased, sprayed, and banged bob that's the lead character's signature style. Those two women smiling super hard straight into the camera are Ricki Lake and Marissa Janet Winokur: Lake made her film debut as Tracy in the John Waters original back in 1988 (which also featured Debbie Harry of Blondie as the evil Velma Von Tussle), and Winokur played the part in the musical's original cast.

Nikki Blonsky, who starred in the 2007 film of the musical, was noticeably absent, but she congratulated the Hairspray Live! cast with a thoughtful Instagram post.

Hairspray may be one vintage-loving production on the whole, but this nostalgic look may be the highlight of the broadcast.