Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Childish Gambino’s New Virtual Reality Video Will Make You Dizzy With Power

Watch him perform ‘Me and Your Mama’ from the front row

Last week, Childish Gambino unleashed his expansive third album, Awaken, My Love!, after revealing the funky singles “Me and Your Mama” and “Redbone.” Now, the former has gotten a virtual reality music video that puts you in the front row of his Pharos Festival, a multimedia experience that took over California’s Joshua Tree in September.

The immersive video lets you take in a 360-degree view of the concert, letting you shift perspectives as you please. You can choose to focus on Gambino howling away onstage, you can tilt the angle upward to stare at the starry dome ceiling, or you can spin around to see the crowd soaking it all up. Or any combination of those — the power’s entirely in your hands.

Awaken, My Love! arrived on December 2 in all its rap-less, funk-influenced glory. On Gambino’s website, there’s a pre-order link for a mysterious virtual reality vinyl edition of the LP, which is available sometime next year.

In an interview with Australia’s Triple J radio this morning (December 7), Gambino attempted to explain the concept of “VR vinyl,” saying, “It’s vinyl that you play with virtual reality.”

OK, so... that’s not entirely helpful, but chalk that up to Gambino’s infatuation for surprises. He further explained in the interview that he digs how his new album isn’t what a lot of fans were expecting, saying, “I like sucker punches. I like things that you’re not expecting. You know, the feeling of expecting water and getting lemonade, your brain kind of flips. We play with pictures and sounds that affect people in ways they don’t realize are happening until the fifth listen.”

Well, when he puts it as intriguingly as that, maybe that VR vinyl is worth the splurge after all?