Rare Footage Of 10-Year-Old Beyoncé Proves She Was Destined For Stardom

She clearly always had the *it* factor

You know all those annoyingly cute videos of people’s kids that clog up your Instagram feeds? Ya know, the ones you pretty much always scroll right past? Well, you might want to consider downloading and keeping them from now on, in case one of those kids becomes a world-famous star whose vintage home videos are one day worth millions.

Case in point: UK-based auction house Ted Owen & Co. somehow snatched up a collection of professionally produced video tapes of a young Beyoncé “developing her craft that would ultimately make her the most famous pop star in the world.” The “raw and unedited footage” spans 12 tapes and features 10-year-old Bey rehearsing and performing with the pre-Destiny’s Child group Girl’s Tyme. (Ya know, the group that LOST on Star Search. SMH.)

According to Uproxx, the collection of tapes are expected to sell for up to $3.8 million. If your wallet can handle that kind of damage (LOL), see a two-minute preview of your purchase below, which also doubles as a case study of delightfully outdated ‘90s fashion.