Almost Exposed: Will The Sweet/Vicious Vigilantes Recover From Their Botched Mission?

Ophelia got caught on camera -- and now the girls' entire operation is in jeopardy

That Sweet/Vicious take-down went a bit too far -- and now Jules and Ophelia are thisclose to being exposed. Are our masked heroines going to be able to wiggle their way out of this mess -- or is their entire operation doomed?

During tonight's brand-new episode, the odd couple set their sights on the president of Darlington's son Landon and his sidekick Rus because the guys were working as a team to date rape fellow classmates. The gals' operation had a bunch of early hiccups: Ophelia almost got caught installing a tracking device on the target's vehicle and shortly afterward, while posing as a drunk girl, she was thrown for a loop when she was transported to a spot where Jules wasn't waiting to give the fellas a lesson (damn navigation mishap).

Fortunately, Ophelia escaped the abandoned location unscathed (a taser and some tremendous self-defense moves came in handy), and the young women decided to move forward with their self-imposed assignment. However, the garage-based take-down escalated quickly when Ophelia opted to run after Landon -- right in the middle of their campus. And after she issued him the trademark warning to cease his reprehensible deeds, he turned the tables on his assailant.

"I think you’re the one in trouble now," the asshole Landon told Ophelia, referencing a group of students who were using their cellphones to film the troubling incident. Oh no is right. And breathe in, breathe out.

Until this point, everything post-accidental Carter murder went according to plan, and this is Jules and Ophelia's first major uh-oh. So will the duo be able to recover -- or have their days as the vigilantes in disguise come to a screeching halt? Sound off in the comments, and don't miss the next episode of Sweet/Vicious on January 3 at 10/9c!

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