The American Horror Story Vampire Kids Reunited And Didn’t Kill Anyone

Not a drop of blood in sight

Though American Horror Story: Hotel’s horde of vampire juvenile delinquents ultimately met a gruesome end, the actors themselves are doing just find and not committing murder. Chill.

The bloodsucking group's three main members — ringleader Max (Anton Starkman, right), snarky Jimmy (Thomas Barbusca), and innocent Madeline (Ava Acres) — reunited Thursday (December 1) for Barbusca’s new film, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.

“Vampire gang back together tonight,” Starkman captioned. He and Acres actually met up a few weeks ago on Halloween for some trick-or-treating, but it’s nice to see them reunite with Barbusca this time around.

The trio definitely appear different when they’re not doused in blood and (literally) chomping at the bit to kill the dad from Even Stevens on that one episode. Yeah, they’re certainly looking better for wear than when they first turned to the dark side.