Kristen Stewart Speeds Through L.A. In The New Rolling Stones Video

Stewart does her best ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ impression for ‘Ride ’Em on Down’

Kristen Stewart has long since dipped her toe into the medium of music videos — she appeared in the visual for Jenny Lewis’s “Just One of the Guys” back in 2014 — but her latest rock-related appearance is definitely the stuff of video-star dreams.

For “Ride ’Em on Down,” The Rolling Stones opted to sit out the cinematic treatment of their latest song and instead gave Stewart a Mustang and the open roads of Los Angeles.

When you think about the number of classic films that involve ’67 or ’68 Mustangs and harrowing car chases, they’re always going down in the sun-soaked streets of California, be they in San Francisco (à la the legendary Steve McQueen run from Bullett), Long Beach (the original Gone in 60 Seconds), or L.A. (the 60 Seconds 2000 remake).

With “Ride ’Em Down,” Stewart gives a modern jolt to that iconic cool as she races through downtown L.A., Atwater Village, Inglewood, and the concrete shores of the Los Angeles River in an electric blue beauty that McQueen himself would covet. (And she even works in a gas station dance break, too.)

“Ride ’Em on Down” is off Blue & Lonesome, The Rolling Stones’ latest album and their first that’s solely made up of cover songs.