How A Catfish Victim Found Forgiveness Through The Power Of Prayer

Danny and Jose had a heartfelt religious moment during tonight's episode

Finding compassion for someone you feel wronged you is no easy feat -- but one Catfish love hopeful garnered the strength thanks to a heartfelt group prayer with the man posing as someone else, plus Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. A first religious-type incident featured on the long-running series.

Here's how the foursome reached the moment of worship during tonight's brand-new episode: Danny discovered Rosa on Facebook in 2014 and fell in love with the beautiful brunette as "soon as [he] saw her." A year passed by without a response from her, but the Puerto Rico native soon found two additional Facebook pages featuring the same girl and the same name (odd, yes). Third time was the charm: The Orlando resident and his ladylove began communicating (in Spanish), and the two grew close. But Rosa kept giving him "the runaround," and their bond weakened. Meanwhile, Nev and Max were immediately skeptical about Rosa's identity after Danny gave them some more intel and they compiled their research. Turns out, the MTV duo had reason to feel that way.

Fast-forward to the Connecticut-based reveal: Rosa was actually Jose, and his motivation was to hurt the young woman in the photographs (named Natalie) because she bullied him while they were classmates in Florida. Jose, who made the profile when he and Natalie were in high school (he is 26), never intended to cause Danny any harm. But that didn't change the fact that Danny was furious -- and after his face-to-face with an emotional Jose, he vowed he didn't want to get closure during the obligatory catch-up session and even declared he had "nothing to say."

But Danny changed his mind -- and entered the sit-down meeting with a profound new perspective and a need to counsel Jose in order to move forward. And when everything was said and done, Danny had one last and unexpected request.

"Would it be okay if I prayed for you?" Danny asked Jose, who enthusiastically nodded his head in approval. "I want to do a quick prayer in Spanish, that's where I feel more comfortable. So close your eyes."

What unfolded next was unprecedented -- and Nev couldn't help but marvel that they just witnessed something "really nice." And with that, the tale of deception ended, and the men walked away with a better understanding of themselves.

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