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Lin-Manuel Miranda Revisits The Tale Of Alexander Hamilton While Hammered

Waaaait WHAT is like ‘Dick 101?!’

Lin-Manuel Miranda somehow managed to not only one-up the original Drunk History retelling of the Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr duel, but did so while keeping things connected to one of the goofiest TV series out there.

Back when Drunk History first became a thing in 2007, the very first clip was anchored on this same revolutionary event, except that time around, Michael Cera (in his Superbad prime) played the ill-fated Federalist, and he used a flip phone to call his beloved before the pistols were raised. (This is NSFW, if only because you'll be heaving with laughter by the end of it.)

For Miranda's post-Hamilton star-studded update, he upped the ante on the casting: Not only are Dave Grohl, Questlove, and Aubrey Plaza all featured in the 2016 Drunk History, but so is Alia Shawkat, who played the Maeby to Cera's George Michael in Arrested Development.

And Buster's here, too! (No sign of his hook hand, though, but yeah: That's definitely Arrested Development's Tony Hale playing James Monroe in a very dramatic moment.)

Turns out there's not only money in the banana stand, but perpetual opportunities to revisit Hamilton's slow draw with a few shots of whiskey or your libation of choice on the side.