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You Can Finally Watch Beyoncé’s Gorgeous Lemonade Finale For Free

‘All Night’ goes public at last

Few commodities are more closely guarded than Beyoncé's Tidal-only music videos, but Wednesday (November 30), the Queen has blessed us with the public release of her favorite Lemonade cut.

“All Night,” a.k.a. the “Redemption” chapter of Beyoncé's visual album, sees its official YouTube release today. Not only can you hear one of the album's best songs for free whenever you want, but you also get access to the canonical lemonade recipe of Beyoncé and Jay Z's family.

The YouTube edition of “All Night” includes the three-minute intro in which the tension of the album finally gets resolved and Beyoncé forgives her husband for his trespasses. To celebrate their healed marriage, it features plenty of home video footage of the two of them (plus Blue Ivy) being completely adorable together. Truly, it's a blessing unto YouTube and the internet as a whole.