DJ Snake And Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’ Video Has A Crazy Twist Ending

It’s a hell of a ride

DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s slinky collab “Let Me Love You” dropped back in August, but it’s only now gotten the music video treatment. Never mind the wait, though — what Snake lacks in promptness, he’s made up for with an enthralling visual that takes that “hell of a ride” lyric quite literally.

The James Lee–directed vid chronicles a modern Bonnie and Clyde’s crime spree. Together, the pair rob diners and gas stations while wearing Snake and Bieber masks, and then roll around on cash-littered mattresses in their undies (it’s all very relatable stuff). Think of it as a much less violent version of The Weeknd’s heist-filled “False Alarm” vid. As the stakes get higher and the cops start closing in on them, we find out that — spoiler alert! — there’s a crazy, virtual reality twist ending.

Oh, and spoiler alert No. 2: Bieber’s not actually in the video. Bummer.