Sweet/Vicious Shift: Jules And Ophelia Take On A Brand-New Type Of Mission

In a special sneak peek, the Darlington girls target some unexpected foes

Jules and Ophelia's justice-seeking Sweet/Vicious missions have officially expanded beyond teaching college-aged men (who have a history of sexually assaulting young women) a lesson. Their new target: a sorority.

In a sneak peek from this week's upcoming episode, below, the Darlington dream team review a tape which features a pledge at the center of a truly troubling incident.

"This is sexual assault, no question," Jules declares as she and Ophelia (who says the clip is worse than ISIS videos she has reviewed) watch in horror. "Stripping someone down and writing on their body -- it's awful."

But our heroines are going to face an uphill battle with this specific take-down. Find out why in the teaser clip, and catch the installment on Tuesday at 10/9c to see how it all unfolds.