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Mitchel Musso Really Wants To Make A Pair Of Kings Movie

And so do the rest of the cast

Disney Channel may be bringing Hannah Montana back for a mega marathon next month, but Mitchel Musso has another sitcom he wants revived.

Six years ago, the Disney XD series Pair of Kings first aired. The show followed Chicago twins Brady (Musso) and Boomer (Larramie Doc Shaw), surprise heirs to the fictional island nation of Kinkow. Recently, many of the cast members admitted they're totally down for a movie, much to the excitement of fans.

Disney XD

It all started when Geno Segers (royal advisor Mason) responded to a tweet Musso wrote over a year ago, in which Musso reminisced about the show in honor of its (then) fifth anniversary. “TIME FOR A MOVIE,” he suggested. “You have the power my brother,” Segers tweeted in response, adding “#ImSoDownToDoIt.” Musso responded, “Lemme see what I can do,” and fans were shook.

Later, Musso checked in with his TV brother, and was definitely not disappointed.

Besides pinning his tweet “RT if you'd watch Pair Of Kings Movie?” — Musso told fans he would “call Disney.” Plus, Ryan Ochoa, a.k.a. the twins' cousin Lanny, was quick to respond to Musso's tweet, saying he'd be down as well. IT'S ALL HAPPENING, GUYS.

On Monday (November 28), Kelsey Asbille, who played Brady's love interest Mikayla, chimed in herself with a simple — though much needed — hashtag. Even the stars wanted Brakayla to happen.

Since all this chit-chat went down Sunday and Monday, there's obviously no update yet. But who knows? Disney Channel recently green-lit That's So Raven 2, and with almost the entire cast on board, anything's possible. Make it happen, Disney! Please take Musso's call when he phones, thanks.