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OK Go Smash Guitars Like Fireworks In Their High-Speed New Video

‘The One Moment’ was filmed in just a few chaotic seconds

Even though it plays for over four minutes, the new video from Rube Goldberg Machine–experts OK Go was filmed in just 4.2 seconds.

Using high-speed cameras, the band filmed a whole bunch of miniature explosions and other forms of chaos in the blink of an eye. They even engineered a flip book to accurately lip-synch their song "The One Moment."

"We triggered 325 events with extremely precise digital triggers to create the choreography, which unfolds over a little more than four seconds," director and band member Damian Kulash, Jr. said about the video. "We shot with extremely high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch those few seconds over the full length of the song."

These are the guys who first went viral with a perfectly choreographed treadmill dance, so it's not surprising they've upped the ante by blowing up water balloons, jumping into streams of paint, and smashing guitars with remote explosions — all in under five seconds. These dudes are pros.