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Justin Bieber Punched A Fan Square In The Goddamn Mouth

In. The. Goddamn. Mouth.

Justin Bieber’s love/hate relationship with his fans seems to have tipped over into hate. As in, the violent kind.

The singer was videotaped punching a fan in the mouth Tuesday night (November 22). As Bieber’s car rolled through the streets of Barcelona, a young male fan reached into his open window to touch the star. Bieber responded with a stiff uppercut.

The video shows the fan bleeding from the mouth after the encounter. It appears that his lip was cut from the punch.

Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to respond this way after being touched without permission. In September, Gigi Hadid fought back against an assailant who rushed her from behind and lifted her off the ground.

This fan seemed like he had slightly kinder motives than Hadid’s attacker, but still: Touching people without their consent is never the way to go, even if they’re extremely famous.