John Legend Shares The Beautifully Honest Stories Behind His ‘Love Me Now’ Video

Step into their shoes

John Legend is all about the love in his most recent video for “Love Me Now.” But his beautiful family, Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna, aren’t the only stars. Couples from across the world and from various walks of life get their spotlight in the vid, too.

On Tuesday (November 21) — just in time for Thanksgiving! — Legend decided to share these couples’ unique stories, Humans of New York–style. First up? Miles and his wife, LaDonna, who founded the camp where the Dakota Access Pipeline protests started.

Then there are Abdulrahman and Zeren. Like so many people their age, they first met at a house party. They were both born and raised in Syria, but fled to Domiz Refugee Camp in Iraq after the war.

Nata and Julissa were childhood friends in the Dominican Republic. They didn’t have much growing up, but they enjoy surfing together.

Finally, meet Norman and Ryan from Orlando, Florida. Norman survived the Pulse nightclub shooting, though many of his close friends didn’t. Ryan recently moved to Orlando, and Norman’s recovery continues to move forward.

See more powerful stories on Legend’s Instagram. Would you expect anything less from the guy who wrote one of the biggest love songs ever?