Anna Kendrick’s ‘Soundtrack To Growing Up’ Ends With A Hilarious Lion King Tribute

It really is the ‘Circle of Life’

Anna Kendrick took center stage on Monday night’s (November 21) episode of The Late Late Show. Billy Eichner and host James Corden joined her to perform their “Soundtrack to Growing Up,” which follows Kendrick’s life from birth to having her own baby.

The medley involved 14 hit songs and 10 different sets, all shot in one take. And they nailed it. Kendrick crooned “Hello, it’s me” when she popped out of her mom. As a rebellious teenager, she shared sexytime with Corden while Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” played. At her first job, she practically screamed “Bitch Better Have My Money” while throwing cash in the air.

However, nothing compares to the spot-on Lion King tribute. See for yourself:

Any woman who can sing Adele, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber in the same breath is certainly a “Girl on Fire” to us.