See President Obama’s College Years In The First Barry Trailer

Meet the future 44th president

You know POTUS as President Barack Obama, but back in 1981, he went by Barry. Netflix’s upcoming Barry biopic details young Obama’s formative years at Columbia University in New York City. The first full-length trailer dropped Monday (November 21) after a teaser was released last month.

The film follows Obama (Devon Terrell) during the ins and outs of his junior year. There are many glimpses into familiar college life: dimly lit parties, bright classrooms, and surprise visits from parents. Let Obama introduce you to his world:

But as the trailer shows, college brings racial tensions into Obama’s life, too. When a campus officer asks him for an ID, he asks why the officer isn’t IDing anyone else. Even in college, he was never afraid to speak his mind.

Barry premieres on Netflix December 16.