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Zayn And Niall Horan Had A Short But Sweet Moment At The AMAs

Ziall lives again

The 2016 American Music Awards gave us all kinds of fun reunions, like when Degrassi's Drake linked back up with Nina Dobrev, when The Chainsmokers and Halsey sang "Closer" again, and when One Direction's Zayn and Niall Horan met up for a quick high-five.

Yes, for 0.5 seconds, Zayn and Niall reunited to share an awkward handshake. Twitter user @EverglowAnne was lucky enough to capture the moment for posterity, and the internet lost any remaining chill it had left. She also snapped a cute selfie with Zayn.

After uploading the video, @EverglowAnne explained why the encounter was so brief. "It's an award show," she tweeted, "they had 30 seconds to get to their seats and Niall was on the other side of the area so it was fast."

Before the handshake happened, Niall told ET that he hadn't "spoken to [Zayn] in a few months ... so I'm looking forward to seeing him." Clearly, fans were as well. Ziall shippers, rejoice!