Jim Spellman/WireImage

Kylie Jenner Wishes Tyga A Happy Birthday With A Very Topless Photo

Definitely a lot more personal (and NSFW) than a Hallmark card

Kylie Jenner’s been celebrating BF Tyga’s birthday for a couple of days now, between the impromptu surprise party she and his son, King Cairo, threw for him, and the bootylicious cupcakes she got him, too.

Now she’s sharing her affection for her beloved T with a super intimate portrait, one that features the couple wearing matching outfits. And by matching outfits, we mean they’re both, uh, not wearing shirts. Or anything on top, really.

In the two photos she posted — the one that looks like a vintage CK One commercial, above, and this sweet, all-smiles snap — it seems like Kylie’s having just as happy of a birthday as her man is.

(Those who follow Kylie on Snapchat will recognize the poses, as one of them definitely decorated one of the cupcakes she presented Tyga with the day before he turned 27.)

Happy birthday, Tyga! (Also, if you feel weird about eating a cupcake that has your own face on it, that seems legit.)