Watch Lil Yachty Demolish A Lil Yachty Ice Sculpture

In his hockey-inspired ‘Minnesota’ video

Ice rinks, like Minnesota, are very cold. So for his new “Minnesota” music video, Lil Yachty and his Sailing Team trekked to the rink and became the most lit hockey squad on the planet, matching jerseys and all.

Instead of packing the wintry visual with flashy cars — as is the custom for most hip-hop vids — Lil Boat opted to take a joyride in a Zamboni alongside righthand man Perry. Quavo and Skippa da Flippa show up to spit their verses while parading a trophy, and Yachty caps off the celebrations by taking a hammer to a freakishly lifelike ice sculpture of his own face. R.I.P., red beads.

All the while, that chirpy, irresistible “Minnesota” hook drills itself further and further into your brain. You’ve been warned.

And here's another look at that Zamboni joyride, for all your weekend turn-up inspiration: