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Macklemore Lays Out Why You Shouldn’t Move To Canada Post-Election

New track ‘Wednesday Morning’ has the rapper trying to believe that love trumps hate

“Imagine tryin’ to keep your head while your daughter sleeps in bed / When she wakes up, will the world be the same? / Will my girl be afraid in the home of the brave?”

Honestly, Macklemore, we don’t know, but your latest single, “Wednesday Morning,” is addressing the fears a lot of people are feeling as emotional aftershocks continue to hit in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

For his latest, the Seattle rapper calmly assesses his own state of mind while trying to think through what we’re facing as a country. Line by line, he surveys the damage, the future, and the hope contained therein. He doesn’t know what’s coming next, but of these things, he’s sure: He’s “not fleeing the nation” (no apartment hunting a couple hours north in Vancouver, for now), he’s not building walls (bridges, instead), and he’s definitely against oppressing anyone.

Another truth? “I got my daughter in my arms, and he is not gonna raise her.” That may be the most loaded line of all, in that it proves that he’s going to do his damnedest to make sure the president-elect’s logic isn’t getting near the impressionable mind of his little girl.

This is Macklemore’s first new song since the drop of “Drug Dealer,” which came out earlier this year. He’s supported anti-Trump efforts in the past, but this is a whole new, personal side of Macklemore, and one that gives fans a comforting nod in a confusing time.