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Bridgit Mendler Sang Her Guts Out In A Library And No One Noticed

Nobody even ‘shhh’ed her

Turns out the “silence is golden” rule doesn’t apply in libraries if (1) you’re Bridgit Mendler, and (2) you’re filming a music video.

The Disney Channel alum surprised fans Friday (November 17) by dropping two new videos, including an unconventional and creative approach for “Library.” Mendler performed the song in Los Angeles’s Robertson Library and live-streamed the whole thing. As she sang her heart out between the stacks, none of the visitors even looked up from their books. Clearly they were very into whatever they were reading.

Mendler also dropped a video for “Do You Miss Me at All,” the second single off her new Nemesis EP, her first release since 2012’s debut, Hello My Name Is.... In it, we see Mendler stuck inside a colorful house staring out the windows, wondering about what could’ve been.

YouTube commenters quickly spotted similarities between the above clip and the intro credits for Good Luck Charlie, the Disney show Mendler once starred on (as well as Wizards of Waverly Place).

Both videos stick Mendler in the center of a frame. In “Do You Miss Me at All,” it’s window and door frames. In Charlie, it’s picture frames of the lovable Duncan family. (And baby Charlie is already in second grade, FYI.)

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Nemesis is out now.