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Sia’s Uplifting New Song Will Motivate You To Get Shit Done

‘Never Give Up’ is the inspiration you’re looking for

If Sia repeating “I got stamina” over and over again in “The Greatest” isn’t motivating you to get your butt out of bed, she has a new catchy anthem to light your fire: “Never Give Up,” released Thursday (November 17). It’s the theme song for the upcoming Dev Patel–starring drama Lion, out November 25.

Lion tells the story of Saroo (Patel), an Indian guy looking for his birth parents after being adopted by an Australian family. Rooney Mara — Sia’s close friend who she has previously written music for — plays his girlfriend who helps him find his way. So it makes sense that “Never Give Up” is full of uplifting lyrics like “I’ll keep gettin’ up when I hit the ground,” all sung over a subtle Bollywood-inspired beat.

Whether you’re listening at the gym, at work, or while you’re studying, this encouraging tune will get you wherever you want to go.

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