Should Ophelia Allow Harris Into Her Sweet/Vicious World?

The green-haired hacker is keeping her superhero status a secret -- for now

Withholding a sensitive part of your life from a dear friend is undoubtedly difficult -- and for Ophelia, that means not disclosing her vigilante status to her close pal Harris. But should 1/2 of the bad-ass Sweet/Vicious duo come clean to the aspiring lawyer in an effort to thwart his own investigation into the Darlington take-downs -- or should she keep her ally in the dark about her mission to bring justice to those who get away with abuse?

During tonight's episode, Ophelia opted to stay silent about her double identity to Harris while he openly searched for clues surrounding the incidents. But will that always be the case?

"Ophelia is not ready to share this with him because I think that speaks to who Ophelia is, which is someone who is afraid that if she shows her true side, they will reject her," creator/executive producer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson told MTV News. "I think she knows deep down that Harris believes this is wrong and Harris will believe this is wrong, and she can't face losing him. So she's trying to evade that conversation for as long as possible."

But what do you think? Is it best for Ophelia to be honest and confess to being one of the masked superheroes -- or is it wise to stay hush-hush and allow him to continue on his path, which could feasibly ruin her and Jules' entire operation? Share your theories in the comments, and catch Sweet/Vicious every Tuesday at 10/9c.