Jeezy And Lil Wayne Fill Their Dark New Video With Lambos, Chains, And Trump

Check out the shadowy ‘Bout That’ video

It’s been roughly three weeks since Jeezy and Lil Wayne reminded you that you ain’t “bout that,” and now they’re back with a dark new video to tell you yet again.

The veteran rappers’ ominous-sounding collab has gotten a shadowy visual that perfectly matches its nocturnal vibes. Both Jeezy and Wayne wear jerseys emblazoned with “Snowman” while flaunting their flashy Lambos and delivering chest-thumping verses about their respective greatness. There’s some subtle political commentary thrown in when Jeezy raps in front of a mural of Donald Trump wearing Joker-esque face paint and throwing hands at the Statue of Liberty. Mostly, though, it’s just Jeezy and Weezy being unapologetically boastful. They’re bout that life. You’re not. Don’t forget it.

“Bout That” appears on Jeezy’s recently released Trap or Die 3, which became his third album to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s albums chart. So, yeah, he definitely has the cred to back all that bragging up.