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Adele Had The Most Adele Reaction When A Bat Crashed Her Concert

‘It landed right by your head!’

Anyone who goes to an Adele concert is always in for a viral-worthy antic or two, whether it be a proposal, a photobomb, or a heartwarming duet. But fans in Mexico City were treated to something new last night: a rogue bat crashing the stage mid-performance.

In fan-shot footage of the madness, we see Adele screaming to an audience member, “There’s a bat! It landed right by your head!” She even flapped and flailed her arms around for added emphasis, imitating the bat to really drive home the shock of its general presence.

“Welcome to Mexico,” she endearingly quipped. “It’s really good to be here — but a fucking bat? Jesus Christ!”

Watch Adele vs. Bat below.