‘Lady Problems’ Podcast: The New Trumpian Reality

Plus: A question from a woman wondering how to engage with white women post-election

This week on “Lady Problems,” the MTV News podcast dedicated to pop culture’s treatment of women, Hazel Cills, Rachel Handler, Teo Bugbee, and MTV News’s TV critic Inkoo Kang process the new Trumpian reality. We talk about how we're all feeling (... like shit), what we can do (volunteer, donate to orgs like Border Angels, the Brennan Center for Justice, and Planned Parenthood), whether and how we can or should engage with the people in our lives who voted Trump, and what the role of art is in the coming revolution. Later, we solve a Lady Problem for our friend Elizabeth, an Asian-American woman who's grappling with how to talk to white women (a majority of whom voted for Trump) post-election.

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