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Snooki, Travis Mills And Others Are Ready To Regale You With Their Greatest Party Story Ever

MTV's LOL series returns on December 1

MTV's Greatest Party Story Ever will kick off on December 1 with a twist: In addition to everyday folk telling their very best tales of debauchery (with hilarious animation accompanying them), a coupla celebs will be spilling the tea too.

Like Snooki, who'll recount a wild night out in Hollywood. Or Travis Mills, who will admit he once got a tattoo to avoid getting married. Commitment issues, much?

And on the show's Season 2 premiere, one guy will reminisce about actually meeting Barack Obama, another fellow will describe his encounter with a GILF (you'll see!) and Ridiculousness' own Steelo Brim will explain why he had to put his man parts in a glass of milk. Trust us, it's not pretty.

Which part of Greatest Party Story Ever are you looking forward to the most? Tell us what'll make you LOL, then tune in on Thursday, December 1 at 11/10c!