Sweet/Vicious Romance: Should Jules Pursue A Relationship With Tyler?

The Darlington students are a cute match, but they're both hiding some major secrets

There's a new couple in the Sweet/Vicious world -- and no, we're not talking about Jules and her ass-kicking partner Ophelia.

During tonight's episode, Jules and Tyler -- who have been slowly building their bond despite a whole lot of mishegas craziness surrounding them -- acted on their flirtation with their first lip-lock and headed toward relationshipville. But should the sorority sister take their budding romance further -- or should she distance herself from her sensitive peer because of his mounting interest surrounding Carter, the young man she and Ophelia unintentionally murdered (who also happens to be his relative)?

First, a bit of context around the Darlington duo from this latest installment: Jules ignored Tyler's persistent text messages because of her Carter-related guilt. But her anxiety only intensified when she and Ophelia watched a video featuring the student who'd been attacked by the gals' next take-down subject: As the girl worried that the horrifying incident was her fault, Jules suffered flashbacks to her own assault. Overcome with emotion, she left Ophelia's apartment in a flurry -- but when a mysterious hand tapped her on the shoulder (from behind) in the street, she reacted by defending herself and throwing a punch to the throat. Unfortunately, the person was Tyler.

While he complimented Jules on her stellar reflexes, she offered up an apology for her distant behavior. But the blossoming, chummy exchange was cut short: A police officer approached Tyler and stated that Carter had not shown up to make a statement. Panicked, Jules turned to Ophelia and revealed her legitimate fears that if authorities were trying to talk to Carter, Tyler was going to do his best to try to find him.

But Ophelia came to the rescue: The wise-thinking student had snagged Carter's phone before they ditched his body and she even figured out a way to program the device to say he was anywhere in the world (smart smart!). The quirky pair deduced from Carter's FB profile that he was a fan of snowboarding, so they impersonated Carter and told Tyler that he was out of town and hitting the slopes "until this blows over."

After Ophelia gave Jules a gentle push to "take things slow" with Tyler and said that he seemed like one of the "good guys," Jules opened up to her love interest about her trepidation about moving too fast, and he was more than respectful. With that, he asked if he could kiss her, and a tender moment between the two ensued.

However, Tyler later learned that there was a warrant out for Carter's arrest -- and when he became increasingly nervous for his family member's well-being, he went to Carter's apartment. And you better believe he found a damning piece of sporting equipment.

"I find it a little odd that you're in Canada snowboarding without your snowboard," he stated in a voice message to Carter. Oh no...

It's impossible to deny the adorable spark between Jules and Tyler -- and it's clear that he is understanding of her need to progress physically and emotionally at a slow pace. However, she is very involved in the Carter case (stating the obvious), while he's realizing that something is majorly amiss with his step-brother and keeping it to himself. Yep, they're both hiding some secrets...

So should Jules lead with her heart and date Tyler -- or is best for her to trust her gut, sever ties with him and focus solely on her superhero missions and protecting herself and Ophelia from any imminent danger? Sound off in the comments, and don't you dare miss the next episode of Sweet/Vicious on Tuesday at 10/9c!