Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Watch Drake Try Not To Puke As David Blaine Spits Up Frogs

Even *THIS* turned into a Meek Mill dis

What do you get when you throw a rapper, a comedian, a basketball champion, a magician, a handful of their friends, and a bunch of champagne flutes in a tiny room?

You get a lot of screaming. And you get three teeny frogs freaking Drake and Dave Chappelle the hellllllll out.

For his recent special, David Blaine: Beyond Magic, David Blaine succeeded in not only making a seemingly impossible feat happen three times, but thoroughly grossing out his intimate VIP audience in the process. In the clip above, Blaine asks Drake to think of a “small creature that can fit in the palm of your hand.” He then tells Chappelle to think of the same and draw it on his phone, and Chappelle even brings one of Drake’s biggest beefs into the conversation: “If I drew Meek Mill, he’d be like, ‘Oh, MAN!’”

The room loses it, but the reaction to Chappelle’s joke is quickly drowned out by the screams of disgust and shock when Blaine PROCEEDS TO SPIT UP A TINY FROG INTO A CHAMPAGNE FLUTE. Blaine tries to pass the frog off to Drake, who couldn’t have said “I DON’T WANT THAT” any clearer.

By the time Blaine spits out his third frog, Drake looks like he’s gonna pass out, and Chappelle has his face wrapped in his scarf. Honestly, same, but man, the grossness is worth the laughs here.