Mac Miller Wants To Help His Fellow Rappers Be Sad

Watch his hilarious new commercial for Funny or Die

Mac Miller has plenty to be happy about these days, between the recent release of his latest album The Divine Feminine and his budding relationship with Ariana Grande.

But you know what? Having every reason in the world to smile is not boding well for Mac’s music. That’s why he’s the new spokesman for DreadLexa, the “world’s first depressant for rappers!”

In a new Funny Or Die video, Miller stars in a (fake) commercial for the (fake) prescription medication, designed to depress musicians who want to get rid of their chronic happiness and “drag you back into that dark, creative place you fear and need to create music people respect.”

Side effects include narcissistic delusions quickly followed by waves of self-doubt, but as the tagline preaches, “Sad music is better music.” It seems to work for Mac — the Pittsburgh MC goes from smelling flowers and playing with puppies to spitting dark bars in the studio, all thanks to DreadLexa.

“Sure, I have a crippling fear that I’m worthless and nobody loves me and that I’ll probably die alone,” he says. “But more importantly, the music’s great.”