True Life: We Are Transitioning Update: Which Couple Is Still Together -- And Which Isn't?

Find out if Alex and Jackie are still going strong, and if Megan has remained married to Macie

MTV's True Life: We Are Transitioning followed a transgender man in New Jersey and a transgender woman in Iowa -- and the romantic relationships of each. We had an opportunity to check in with Alex, plus Megan's partner Macie, to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


What's happened in your life since the show stopped taping?

Nothing has really changed. Classes started back up in August, and school and work has kept me and Megan both pretty busy.

How are things with you and Megan?

We're taking some time to figure out who we are as individuals. I have a lot of love for Megan as a person, but I want her to be able to go out and experience life as a woman and figure out who she is. Honestly, with everything that has happened the past couple of years, I lost a sense of who I am as a person. So we're both taking time to figure out who we are and if this is what both of us want.

You went to your first Pride in the episode and spent time with LGBTQ community members. Are you feeling more a part of the community? With which sexual orientation do you identify?

Yes, I do feel more a part of the community. I don't feel so alone anymore. During the time of the filming of the show, I had stated that if anything were ever to happen between me and Megan, I would most likely go back to dating men. While taking time to figure out who I am, I have discovered a lot about myself, and at this time my sexual orientation is toward females.


What’s gone on in your life since the show ceased taping?

I've been going to the health center for checkups and bi-weekly testosterone injections. It's only been 2 1/2 months I've been on testosterone, but I do see small changes here and there, like weight gain, more hair growth -- even my body is changing little by little.

How are family and friends supporting you through your transition?

My family has always been supportive with every decision I've made, especially when it came to transitioning, because deep down they've always known I was just meant to be a boy. So as a support system, my friends and family encouraged me to keep up with it and always ask how I'm doing and how the process is going.

What steps are you currently taking toward completing your transition?

The step I'm going through right now is taking the male hormone, which is testosterone. Jackie and I went to the health center a few times to learn how to properly give an injection. It took a couple of tries, but Jackie has learned the proper way to give an injection so that we can do at-home injections, which is much easier than going to New York every week for it.

How is Jackie continuing to deal with your transition?

Jackie and I have noticed small changes with me -- it's starting to sink in with her. I know she doesn't fully love it, but she respects my decision and will stick with me through thick and thin. I know that no matter what, I can count on her -- as a guy or girl -- because she loves me for me.